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With a tireless commitment to client service, we have carved a niche for ourselves by being responsive,
dedicated and flexible, while delivering singular solutions that make an impact.

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Brandon Communications is a Public Relations firm that specializes in lifting each client's unique voice. From crisis management to corporate communications and media relations, Brandon Communications helps companies be heard. 

Committed to meeting the unique communication needs of residential and commercial real estate companies, as a full-service Public Relations firm, Brandon Communications boasts experience across a variety of industry segments. Our approach is based upon a solid understanding of what audiences want to hear. We hone the message and target the distribution, ensuring that our clients are always saying something that matters. 

We'll help you stand out and remain top-of-mind.



Editorial coverage is one of the best ways to build buzz. A strategic Media Relations outreach plan is an important tool for building long-term awareness and credibility. The goal of a Media Relations program is to secure prominent exposure for our clients through print, broadcast and web-based media. We have a comprehensive network of media contacts and pride ourselves on a reputation for concise and compelling pitches that result in positive and engaging coverage. We are particularly proud of our ability to find the hidden stories that keep our clients in the news.


As a key aspect of any PR program, Profile Development is about establishing a leadership position for our clients by demonstrating a singular skill set or expertise. By elevating the profile of our clients, they become a go-to resource for news media and are sought out for comment, solidifying their expert positioning. Tactics used to build profile include sourcing and securing highly visible speaking engagements, placing byline editorials in leading trade and mainstream media, and building connections with key influencers.


Through a Corporate Communications program, companies can reach their target audience with a highly customized, narrowed message that speaks directly to an individual. Using social media and other customized communication vehicles, effective messages can be shared with audiences of five or 5,000 to strategically build brand awareness. Responsible for managing the project, crafting the message and writing the content, Brandon Communications works with an industry-leading team of third-party designers, who bring their creative talents to bear on each individual program.



  • 155 Redpath, CD Capital & Freed DevelopmentsCan you sustain exposure beyond launch?

    POSTED 01/02/2014

    155 Redpath, CD Capital & Freed Developments
    Can you sustain exposure beyond launch?

    CHALLENGE: A new condo in a hyper-competitive neighbourhood needs to stand out. How does a developer create a sense of optimism in a marketplace fraught with negativity?

    SOLUTION: Brandon created a strategic plan that looked at the PR challenges presented by the developers, as PR opportunities.

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    Ten York, TridelTridel’s Ten York shifted with a shifting marketplace

    POSTED 01/02/2013

    Ten York, Tridel
    Tridel’s Ten York shifted with a shifting marketplace

    CHALLENGE: With mortgage rule changes, irrational fears of an investor driven market and increasingly negative headlines about the housing industry, Toronto’s condo market saw a significant cooling off in the middle of last year and a corresponding erosion in consumer confidence.

    SOLUTION: Brandon Communications put in place a strategy that leveraged the project’s existing high levels of brand awareness to recalibrate the significance of its anticipated opening.

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  • INDX, Lifetime Developments & CentreCourt Developments INDX Lets PR Program Say Something Different

    POSTED 01/02/2013

    INDX, Lifetime Developments & CentreCourt Developments
    INDX Lets PR Program Say Something Different

    CHALLENGE: In a hyper-competitive residential real estate market, projects must have a compelling and unique story to tell.

    SOLUTION: Lifetime Developments and CentreCourt Developments understand this, and as a result, their launch in 2012 of INDX proved to be one of the best stories of the year.

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    DNA3, Canderel StoneridgeTaking the brand to a whole new level

    POSTED 01/02/2011

    DNA3, Canderel Stoneridge
    Taking the brand to a whole new level

    The Challenge: To build on the solid success and high levels of awareness for the first two DNA sites

    The Solution: Believing that the sales experience on site would contribute significantly to the ability to close sales, Brandon Communications engaged in an aggressive media relations program, supported by social media and traditional marketing tactics, to connect consumers to the brand and drive visits to the Presentation Centre.

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  • Jade Condominiums, Phantom DevelopmentsThe challenge of standing out can seem insurmountable

    POSTED 01/02/2011

    Jade Condominiums, Phantom Developments
    The challenge of standing out can seem insurmountable

    CHALLENGE: When a relatively new development company, with limited brand awareness, launches its “first” project it can be difficult to get attention in today’s hyper-competitive media marketplace.

    SOLUTION: Brandon took its inspiration from the dream team of consultants client Henry Strasser and Phantom Developments selected for Jade’s architecture, interior design, marketing and sales.

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    Karma Condos, Lifetime Developments and CentreCourt DevelopmentsGood karma is all about getting what you give

    POSTED 01/02/2011

    Karma Condos, Lifetime Developments and CentreCourt Developments
    Good karma is all about getting what you give

    CHALLENGE: When Lifetime and CentreCourt dubbed their new project Karma, it wasn’t just another name- it was a mission statement and an indication that the developers wanted to do, and say, something different…

    SOLUTION: Brandon Communications managed an aggressive PR campaign for Karma that leveraged the project’s creative positioning, to deliver impactful and sustained print and broadcast coverage.

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  • World on Yonge, Liberty DevelopmentOne of the fastest selling residential and commercial projects in the GTA

    POSTED 01/02/2011

    World on Yonge, Liberty Development
    One of the fastest selling residential and commercial projects in the GTA

    The Challenge:Liberty Development turned to Brandon Communications to tell the story of the GTA’s largest single phased mixed-use development because they were looking for results that were out of this world… fitting since the developer and their marketing team branded the project World on Yonge.

    The Solution: In just over a year, Brandon’s focused media relations and community relations program helped build awareness and comprehension with local ratepayers…

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    Parkside Village, AmaconParkside Village Redefined Real Estate Pr

    POSTED 01/04/2009

    Parkside Village, Amacon
    Parkside Village Redefined Real Estate Pr

    The Challenge: The key to a successful PR campaign lies in having something to say, and Amacon’s Parkside Village community gave Brandon Communications a lot to talk about!

    The Solution: Using a focused, year-long PR strategy, Brandon’s program was designed to seed the “urban village”, make local urban planning an “issue” and build the developer’s profile.

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  • Aura, Canderel Residential PR Helped Aura Reach New Heights

    POSTED 01/04/2009

    Aura, Canderel Residential
    PR Helped Aura Reach New Heights

    CHALLENGE: With an abundance of unique and compelling storylines, the challenge for Brandon Communications was to create an impactful launch strategy that delivered maximum exposure…

    SOLUTION: Brandon immediately identified the most compelling angles for the launch and best strategy to convey them; a Friday morning media conference was planned for the penthouse of an existing tower on site.

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    Blade, Preston Group  Birth of a Condo

    POSTED 01/02/2009

    Blade, Preston Group
    Birth of a Condo

    The Challenge: In today’s crowded condo market, getting high profile, strategic exposure with key media is the foundation of any successful public relations program.

    The Solution: It was the vision and creativity of its PR firm (Brandon Communications) that got this project hundreds of thousands of dollars in PR value for a unique pitch.

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As a full-service Public Relations firm with experience in a variety of market segments, we have developed a unique expertise in meeting the communications objectives of Canadian residential and commercial real estate companies.

We have been fortunate to work with some of the GTA's most well-known and successful real estate developers and prominent condominium projects. With our help, these industry leaders have sold millions of dollars worth of condominium units.

From pre-launch through to the sale of the last unit, we have worked diligently to build message-driven PR strategies that complement the sales, marketing and advertising initiatives for our clients.



"Brandon Communications was able to strategically and effectively create media attention for the project allowing us to build one of the largest condominium preregistration lists ever. The initial hype, followed by a well-planned, sustained media strategy assisted us in selling a majority of the project in record time."

-Riz Dhanji, VP Sales and Marketing, Canderel Residential

"I like working with Brandon Communications because they really understand our business. We could not do what we do without their support."

-Brian Brown, Vice President, Lifetime Developments

"Danny Roth is arguably the best PR agent working today in the real estate industry because of his responsiveness to clients' needs, his willingness to a project through to completion and, above and beyond all, his integrity."

-Gary Berman, Tricon Capital

"What I like most about working with Brandon Communications is their hands-on approach. They're very proactive in providing solutions that are extremely strategic for our project launches."

-Peter Freed, President, Freed Developments

"Danny Roth and Brandon Communications have played an important role in helping the Toy Factory Lofts, the 2005 GTHBA Project Of The Year, achieve critical acclaim from the industry and the public alike. Danny's work in generating sustained and significant front page coverage has led to wide spread purchaser awareness and appreciation for this singular project. When it comes to selling condos, we are great believers in the power of PR and great believers in Brandon Communications."

-Barry Fenton, Principal, Lanterra Developments

"Danny and his team at Brandon Communications have far exceeded our high expectations. Their unique insights and expertise in the media field and real estate industry in particular have resulted in incredible Public Relations results for our development projects. The proof of Brandon Communications' value is in the results that they achieve, including consistently positive and high-profile coverage across all major forms of media. We attribute a great deal of our recent sales success to the contributions of Brandon Communications."

-Andrew Hoffman, President and Founder, CentreCourt Developments Inc.

"Our public relations efforts have been a critical aspect of our marketing strategy at Parkside Village. There's been tremendous consumer response and it can be directly attributed to our earned media efforts. Beyond traditional editorial coverage, we along with Brandon Communications, have deployed several initiatives that have not only benefited our brand but our bottom line, as well."

-Lilliana L. DiFranco, VP, Amacon

"Brandon Communications and Danny Roth are a perfect fit for Liza's approach, as they encourage truthful, intrinsic messaging. Danny and his team help tell our story as it is; they listen carefully to what we are developing and spread the word accurately."

-Maryam Mansouri, VP, Liza Communities

"Tridel has enjoyed working with Danny and his talented team at Brandon Communications over the last several years. Their commitment to their craft has been instrumental in ensuring the Tridel brand is consistently at the forefront of major media and social outlets, ensuring maximum project and brand exposure. From project launches to key partnerships and high-profile press events, every occasion is treated with the same distinction and attention to detail our corporation has come to expect."

-Jim Ritchie, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Tridel


  • 2015

    BILD Award, Project of the Year
    High Rise: YC Condos


    BILD Award, Places to Grow Community of the Year
    High Rise: Aquavista at Bayside


    BILD Award, Best PR Campaign
    High Rise: 155 Redpath


    BILD Award, People's Choice
    INDX Condos

  • 2011

    BILD Award, Places to Grow Community of the Year
    High Rise: World on Yonge


    BILD Award, Best PR Campaign
    High Rise: Blade


    BILD Award, Project of the Year
    High Rise: Fashion House


    BILD Award, Project of the Year
    Low Rise: Muskoka Bay

  • 2007

    BILD Award, Project of the Year
    High Rise: 550 Wellington West Hotel and Condominiums