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Jade Condominiums, Phantom Developments
The challenge of standing out can seem insurmountable

The Challenge:

When a relatively new development company, with limited brand awareness, launches its “first” project it can be difficult to get attention in today’s hyper-competitive media marketplace. And when that project boasts a mere 172 suites, stands just 7 storeys tall and sits in the shadows of Daniels’ highly successful, widely exposed and iconic multi-phase high-rise community at Bayiew and Sheppard, the challenge of standing out can seem insurmountable.

The Solution:

Brandon Communications believes that finding ways to differentiate and distinguish between projects- projects that often boast the same designers and architects, similar size ranges, comparable pricing and identical “lifestyle” marketing imagery- can make the difference between headlines in the Toronto Star and no lines in the sales centre!

Convinced that Jade Condominiums needed a message beyond the typical location, architecture and design threads most new developments use to weave their story, Brandon took its inspiration from the dream team of consultants client Henry Strasser and Phantom Developments selected for Jade’s architecture, interior design, marketing and sales.

A dream team… exclusively of women!

Coupled with the Strasser family’s history manufacturing garments made specifically for women (under the venerable Phantom brand name), Brandon crafted a public relations program for Jade that defined the development as Toronto’s first condominium geared to women.

With sound demographic and sales data supporting the premise that the majority of condo purchases are made by women (even in couples, evidence shows women drive the purchasing decision), Brandon worked with Bonnie, Tania, Tiffany, Sigale, Andrea, Tamatha, Lindsay and the other women on the Jade team to shape and influence elements of the architecture/design and sales/marketing program, in a gender specific approach meant to resonate with female buyers.

By enhancing existing features and tweaking others- including offering lowered upper cabinet heights, enhanced bathroom lighting, elongated bathtubs, and augmented security features- Brandon was able to combine these disparate elements in a comprehensive pitch to support the “female-focused hook” and interest real estate (and non-housing related media) in a “new” condo story.

This new condo story immediately resonated with print and broadcast journalists, and resulted in strong editorial exposure. Nevertheless, it was not the media coverage which best demonstrated the success of Brandon’s PR program; instead it was the story of a first-time buyer at Jade, who best encapsulated the effectiveness of the project’s communications campaign.

Anxious to talk with media about her decision to buy at Jade, Christine Keleshian did several media interviews, including one with CFTO News, on behalf of the project. In her tv appearance, Christine told reporter Dana Levenson that after condo shopping “for what seemed like forever, my father showed me an article in the newspaper describing a condo designed for women… The article touched on everything I was seeking, and the condo had everything I wanted.”

In an environment in which clients are constantly asking to measure the effectiveness of their PR expenditure, Christine’s story clearly demonstrates the power of PR… and the value of a new development that has something unique to say!

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    CHALLENGE: A new condo in a hyper-competitive neighbourhood needs to stand out. How does a developer create a sense of optimism in a marketplace fraught with negativity?

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    CHALLENGE: In a hyper-competitive residential real estate market, projects must have a compelling and unique story to tell.

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  • Karma Condos, Lifetime Developments and CentreCourt Developments<br><i>Good karma is all about getting what you give</i>

    POSTED 01/02/2011

    Karma Condos, Lifetime Developments and CentreCourt Developments
    Good karma is all about getting what you give

    CHALLENGE: When Lifetime and CentreCourt dubbed their new project Karma, it wasn’t just another name- it was a mission statement and an indication that the developers wanted to do, and say, something different…

    SOLUTION: Brandon Communications managed an aggressive PR campaign for Karma that leveraged the project’s creative positioning, to deliver impactful and sustained print and broadcast coverage.

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    Ten York, Tridel<br><i>Tridel’s Ten York shifted with a shifting marketplace</i>

    POSTED 01/02/2013

    Ten York, Tridel
    Tridel’s Ten York shifted with a shifting marketplace

    CHALLENGE: With mortgage rule changes, irrational fears of an investor driven market and increasingly negative headlines about the housing industry, Toronto’s condo market saw a significant cooling off in the middle of last year and a corresponding erosion in consumer confidence.

    SOLUTION: Brandon Communications put in place a strategy that leveraged the project’s existing high levels of brand awareness to recalibrate the significance of its anticipated opening.

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  • World on Yonge, Liberty Development<br><i>One of the fastest selling residential and commercial projects in the GTA</i>

    POSTED 01/02/2011

    World on Yonge, Liberty Development
    One of the fastest selling residential and commercial projects in the GTA

    The Challenge:Liberty Development turned to Brandon Communications to tell the story of the GTA’s largest single phased mixed-use development because they were looking for results that were out of this world… fitting since the developer and their marketing team branded the project World on Yonge.

    The Solution: In just over a year, Brandon’s focused media relations and community relations program helped build awareness and comprehension with local ratepayers…

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    Parkside Village, Amacon<br><i>Parkside Village Redefined Real Estate Pr</i>

    POSTED 01/04/2009

    Parkside Village, Amacon
    Parkside Village Redefined Real Estate Pr

    The Challenge: The key to a successful PR campaign lies in having something to say, and Amacon’s Parkside Village community gave Brandon Communications a lot to talk about!

    The Solution: Using a focused, year-long PR strategy, Brandon’s program was designed to seed the “urban village”, make local urban planning an “issue” and build the developer’s profile.

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