Case Studies

155 Redpath, CD Capital & Freed Developments
Can you sustain exposure beyond launch?

The Challenge:

A new condo in a hyper-competitive neighbourhood needs to stand out. How does a developer create a sense of optimism in a marketplace fraught with negativity? Can design be distinguished? Can two distinct development companies demonstrate unity without sacrificing independent brand equity? Can you sustain exposure beyond launch? Those were the questions Freed Developments and CD Capital asked Brandon Communications’ Danny Roth, before retaining his firm to develop a Public Relations strategy for the launch of 155 Redpath; a new condominium in the heart of Yonge and Eglinton.

The Solution:

Brandon created a strategic plan that looked at the PR challenges presented by the developers, as PR opportunities. Rather than accept the number of competitive projects in the neighbourhood as a detriment to the success of 155 Redpath, Brandon created a program that emphasized the neighbourhood’s robust residential activity, purchaser appeal and area amenities.

Brandon worked with key media to build awareness of the neighbourhood, and secure editorial exposure, including a high profile, front page article in the weekend Globe and Mail, Toronto section.

Brandon’s pitch to the Globe included market stats from RealNet, infographics and the exclusive opportunity for the reporter to lead a roundtable discussion over lunch at a local restaurant, with the area’s biggest residential developers (whose participation was secured by Brandon).

The efforts to build awareness of the neighbourhood’s real estate strength helped achieve another PR objective; to stem the tide of negative market news.

For this, Brandon went to the Globe (ROB) for a story about Peter Munk, an investor with CD Capital. This front page article featured positive comments from the business icon about the developers and project, as well as the market; generating a much needed, public endorsement of the condo sector.

“The Munk story” created much buzz! Real estate insiders saw it as a necessary, yet belated positive representation of the industry in the media, and the article was shared and talked about widely for days following publication.

To further quell negative market perceptions, Brandon secured another ‘buzz-worthy’ ROB section article, and an accompanying video for the Globe’s website, offering Peter Freed’s confident perspectives on the market, and insights on the project.

While individual editorial opportunities for CD and Freed referenced their partnership, a key communications objective was to highlight the relationship between the two developers and reinforce the value of their unified approach. Media stories, including a front page article in the Toronto Star, featured the partners (and consultants), engaged in collaborative dialogue about the project. These editorials also explored the project’s distinctive design and architecture.

While a wealth of impactful articles supported 155 Redpath’s launch, Brandon maintained exposure throughout the year-long sales campaign with a series of innovative story ideas. Less obvious, yet still relevant to the brand, these media approaches included unique pitches on transit, sales/marketing, and technology.

In retrospect, 155 Redpath was considered one the year’s best projects, but its success wasn’t because of a great PR program… instead a great PR program was because of 155 Redpath!

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